Wednesday, October 17, 2007

For to Sifr (suffer) Is it wrong ?

!! Warning, Extremely Boring. Read at your own risk, don't say I didn't warn you !!

Are you good at imagining stuff ? Would you care to imagine as I tell you to ?

So... Imagine this: A plant. A wonderful plant. A magical plant. Magical in the truest sense of the word. I am not being allegorical nor do I refer to some abstract metaphysical concept. This plant is magic.

Now... Imagine that it is real. Real enough for any real-world object to perceive it or be affected by it. Yet the only entities that may use its powers fully, are us. When I say us I mean Humans. We are truly the most fortunate of them all. Aren't we !
Aren't we ? Only we can harness the true potential of this plant due to the fact that we are cognizant of thought. In Fact one of us had this to say:

" Cogito ergo sum
" - René Descartes

We can, therefore, understand the magical effect this plant has on our thought processes, witness, albeit later, what this magical plant has done to our thoughts.
It is scary, I will give you that. But not for long. Could this be evil ? The Devil in disguise ? luring us with such wonderful promise ? Should we not heed from poor old Faust ?

If you've lost interest, I do not blame you. Life is short, yes. What with all those hiltons and the timberlakes and a myriad of other 'stars\Icons\Heroes' to emulate. Who has the time for idyllic philosophizing ? Maybe, I was too late to have stopped the Beauty Industry\Hollywood\Bollywood\MTV, in short those: Diabolical Villains from ensnaring you in the first place,
Back to our little 'imagining' we go.

Right...Now, Imagine, there are a few who are afraid, the 'righteous few' as they think of themselves, Afraid, for it exposes the frailty of their minds and their beliefs. It is sure to incite a rebellion that will destroy what they stand for, destroy the very purpose of their existence They oppose this benign but magical plant with all their might.

"tis the work of the devil" they say. They lie. They know but they convince.

That is not all.

Now Imagine, this vehicle of destruction, a behemoth of sorts, you could call it a cousin of those diabolical villains we spoke of earlier, which is vary of the effect that this plant will have on its reason to 'be'. The drivers who drive them are aware that this plant will mean certain doom, for it will do their job and do it a hundred times better.

An enemy's enemy is a friend, and so they team up. They use all the tricks they can, subterfuge too mild a word, Machiavelli himself would have been envious of their methods. And so the fall from grace for our imagined real plant. Is that reason enough to shun it ? A fall from grace, engineered by an enemy. Is that reason enough for its ostracism ? Did Adam too not have a fall such as this ? only that time it was of his own volition. The plant has no such luck.

Would this yarn be too improbable ?
Could you Imagine such a thing ?
Well... the truth is, my friends, that you don't need to.
Look around.
Its for all the world to see.

For those of you pissed off at this drivel, read the disclaimer for the blog.
And let the hate pour, if at all.
When I first met you, I didn't realize
I can't forget you, for your surprise
You introduced me, to my mind
And left me wanting, you and your kind
- Black Sabbath

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