Saturday, October 13, 2007

Delilah ?

The newest member of my family :)

We are yet to name her.

News, you could do without:

* Apparently my IP address is recorded as Australian !!!?? Which is in the other hemisphere
* If you want help naming your child you could visit No Kidding XD It is like the Pandora .com of names :P
* I haven't smoked anything nor drunk any alcohol since the past 45 days. It's been a cold turkey "quit" for me.
* It seems Korean movie "Oldboy" was remade in Hindi, without permission, and they are looking into copyright violations. I hope they sue them for this blatant theft of intellectual property
* I found Homer almost evil, in the Simpson's movie.

A sketch I drew of a mug of Beer: (obviously photoshopped and obviously thirsty)

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