Friday, September 14, 2007


What is Beauty ?

Beauty is when you compose a riff, one which only you and your closest friend(s) will hear. And appreciate.

Beauty is when someone does something for you and expects nothing in return. And doesn't tell you that he\she has done that thing for you.

Beauty is when you go on an errand in your car and you get back safely. You never now if it will one day become your coffin, with you painting the insides with yours[sic]. And regret.

Beauty is when you work hard and learn something new. No one might ever congratulate you. But the elation it brings, makes you smile. Smile inside. Smile the best kind, one not tainted with a purpose. And rejoice.

Beauty is when you stay awake late at night, kidding yorself that this is the last time. And yet you fully know that this is what you will do tomorrow. And the day after that. And so on.

Beauty is when you write a blog post that no one will read. Yet that seems to bring out the best in you. The unadulterated you. That incentive of yours shining through. Like Pope's 'eternal sunshine of the spotless mind'. And you laugh.

Beauty is when you realize how utterly insignificant your life is when compared to the rest of the universe. And yet it is what makes this whole sojourn of sorts, all the more worthwhile. And you crib.

Beauty is when you look at a girl. Any girl. Not necessarily beautiful, and she looks back at you albeit for a gazzillionth of a second and then moves on. Forever. Out of your life. (yeah I know that sounds lame but what can I do ? It is true, and I can-not-com-p-lain{set to the tune of La bourre de Bach} ) And you sigh.

Beauty is when you try.


Varun said...

Beauty is when you meet this girl who is ugly, fat, short, (probably the last person on this earth you would think of putting in a fashion show) and you fall in love with her. And she loves someone else, and you swallow all your jealousy and sadness for the sake of her friendship.

Varun said...

...and i bought a 8GB iphone, and sorry for not meeting you online man, sometimes i wake up at noon.

HelterSkelter said...

You don't seem to have changed one bit. CARRY ON. :)
8GB ?
I am J.Very.