Monday, August 13, 2007


Do you like to watch people ?
I know I do.

It is interesting to watch random men and women, not to exclude... children too, go about their business(at least in this reality) with a detached almost nihilistic feel to their actions or lack thereof. It is sort of like walking through a crowd, when stoned, you don't recognise anyone, nor do you know the purpose for their 'entstehen'*, in short you do not understand them, in effect causing a metaphysical severance to occur. You for all practical purposes do not 'be' in their sphere of operation, so as to speak or am I being logorrheic ?. The idea is to look at people who are alone. In our case, company of any kind is akin to a poison, which may contaminate our sample space, and yield erroneous results.

When I was a kid I would watch people, mainly adults, it was because I was sick of being a kid, being told what to do, being regarded as irresponsible just for the fact that I was young. Most people have some kind of 'tic' forgive me for the use of this unqualified word. for example, some keep fidgeting with their rings etc.
Some people on the other hand are just plain crazy. They talk to themselves, make weird expressions on their faces, etc. Nowadays I watch people in the bus on the way to work and I also do this at work. You can make out a lot(in software where I work) by the way they sit while working. Most of my colleagues sit upright and stare straight at the monitor, their chairs will be high and the adjustable back will be upright too. These are the people who actually like what they are doing. Then there are people like me, I sit with the chair at its lowest position and the back bent all the way to the rear, I lean back and type with just one hand, resting the other hand on the desk and my head in turn on the fist. This I suspect would reveal the fact that I absolutely detest working here, and do not care much for the whole business of teh[sic] 'coding'.

It is interesting for me to try and gauge how the persons life might be ? Obvious clues can lead you to make an inference on certain aspects such as his\her financial situation, age, and so on. So you take all these clues and try to piece together certain aspects of the 'subjects' life. You see yourself living his\her life and then you try to find out how you would have behaved if it were actually you in that man's place, so in effect you live an extra life albeit for a short period of time. This is the same reason I read certain books, not to gain any knowledge but to live another life, for I always feel "one life was never enough".


ksp said...

Power of Observation Vijeth - amaze. YOur blog is getting better by the day man....

Ya, by the way I am still working. Trying to get back to some school

HelterSkelter said...

Thanks man.
I appreciate it.
Very much. :)