Monday, July 16, 2007

shirts R evil

This just happened a while back. I had just written a post on a particular coworker of mine at the office and come home. I Was surprised to see a comment from someone other than varun or sunil, my closest friends. I gave a reply, and then proceeded to smoke a nice little doob. After getting high, I decided to get myself a beer. I know its Monday night and hence the whole argument about not drinking during the week follows , but who cares.

So I walk the kilometer or so to BTM signal where I buy the booze. On the way I realize something is wrong but for the life of me I can't figure out what. I am getting weird stares from everyone walking past me. I think maybe I have something on my face. I stop near a reflection and examine. No, nothing there, so I carry on. I am thinking of Kant and trying to think how I can eke out the time to read: The critique of pure reason, when I meet my colleague, who is with his extremely hot girlfriend. He says hi, and I go shake his hand. He says dude (pronounced as dyu-d) whats wrong ? I assume he is asking that because of the dull look in my eyes, so I start a soliloquy about how I have a tendency towards fatalism and that I need a beer to calm me down, conveniently omitting the weed part. (You see my colleagues are the law-abiding, I have never broken a single rule in my life, no matter how absurd or ridiculous the rule might be, sort of people). That is when he says no man, you have buttoned only the top button of your shirt. I look down and he is right. I have been walking around BTM in full, formal attire except that I forgot to button my shirt. "Oh oops, sorry" I said and buttoned it up and said goodbye.

Moral of the story: stop wearing shirts.

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