Friday, July 13, 2007


An exercise in futility this might be. It might not have any relevance to anyone, but that is not the point. The point is that I have to write this and I shall.

The whole reason is a scam, not of sorts, in its entirety. Yes I am speaking of those decadent behemoths, the pride of our country. The reason, or so we thought of our salvation. Alas 'tis no fable, there is no happy ending, on the contrary this could be called a great tragedy of sorts, but this has none of the nobleness nor the depth of a classical tragedy. The idea is to find a reason, a perspective, to make good this time that we have been given, solicited or not. Deserved or not. To be the best that one can be, this is the only thing that would matter. Unfortunately this is easier said than done, but there are a few who beg to differ, but these are only few. Too few to make a difference. Too many to ignore, but that is the way it is. The way it has always been. I would surmise that if Nietzsche were alive today and had the misfortune of viewing this endeavour that we have set upon, he would surely have shot himself in the head!

Blessed is that lonely man who has lost everything. He feels no desire, no regret, yet he carries on. In the hope that his life will mean something to someone when he is done. We are all in this struggle together. Like it or not YOU are stuck! Coming back to our entity in question, I know I am being vague, I am deliberately avoiding revealing any qualifying facts that might lead a casual reader to the target. I would take the liberty to assume that I have provided very telling facts, which however will reveal themselves only to the more perceptive of you. As for the rest; Tough luck.

The situation is really deplorable. A mockery that can only mean trouble. It comes as a shock to me. I can hardly believe that so many people can throw away the only thing that actually matters for a few happy moments and temporary gratification. I have tried to instill this same disbelief, that I feel, in some of the less affected of these poor souls, but to no avail. If shouting out a lie a few times makes it the truth, I would rather be deaf. It is a sad fact that they'd choose to conform to this obviously inconsistant ideology rather than remove the tint that blocks the reality from streaming in. Make no mistake, it does not distort. It blocks.

For those who know, well done.
For those who dont, Carry on.

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