Tuesday, April 03, 2007

"Gopal"- An ode to my favourite ad.

I think people who work in Advertisement are the luckiest people you can find.
It's because they are the only guys who don't have to kid themselves while working, in fact they have to take into consideration that the vast majority of humanity is not too bright, and then go about, coming up with their innovative techniques and jingles or whatever. Anything too complicated or intellectual and POOF! no one gets it. I wish I had a job like that.

Three cheers to my inspiration, an ad. I see on TV which has Emraan Hashmi driving a bike, off of a bridge, and into a river, while chewing on some Pan Masala or something. Well I must say that the guys who came up with that one must be real geniuses.Either that or they were high on glue.
Why ?
If someone like me, who doesn't watch much TV nor chews pan masala , can remember it long enough to write an article on it, then I would say they have done their job and done it well.

The laws of physics and mathematics ? Bah ! humbug, who needs them ? Apparently according to the ad, chewing this product makes the user waterproof and also suddenly negates any horizontal component of velocity that the "chewer" might be experiencing at the time.

Coupled with a feel good, happy, totally gay jingle in the background, This ad is worth its weight in gold.

I would say that the advertising Industry in India has certainly come of age.

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