Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Maiden, Mixolydian, McLaughlin and all that Jazz

Went to the maiden show. Obviously. Was one of the thousands of people who jumped over the barricade to get a closer view.Saw some people being caned by the cops. Ugly sight. Saw some really hot women, made me feel even uglier. Chilled out with my close buds afterwards though. Smoked a few bongs.quaffed a make that a lot of beer.

Finally figured out the deal with modes after 5 years of playing the guitar. My favourite being the mixolydian also called the "Hindu" mode. Now I can go ahead with my endeavour to compose a jazz piece, something I have always wanted to do since most of the others usually sound very grunge or metal.

Listening to Shakti with John McLaughlin, at work. At least they let us play music after 6! Wonder when they'll introduce some Draconian rule regarding this.

But hey life's cool.

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