Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I hate my Job

Here is a recent dialogue that took place between me and my Module leader.

Illustrating: why I hate my job !.

also given is how the conversation would have gone in case we were to really speak
what was on our minds!.

A little introduction of my module lead, She is married and since I have addressed her as she, she is clearly a female.

Her:Did I not tell you to come and tell me what you have done every morning ?

Me:Yes, but I told you, what I had done before leaving yesterday evening.

Her:All that I don't know! I told you something and you should have done it.

Me:What is the use ? I haven't done anything since yesterday as I went home after my

Her:Don't talk to me like that!

Me:Huh? (A bit confused at this non-sequitur)

Her:How many times do I have to tell you?

Me:err... Ok, I am sorry. Do you want me to send you a mail everyday before I leave home ?

Her:How dare you talk like that ? You can't talk to me like that.

Me:What? all I asked was whether I should send you a mail.


A little later when tempers[esp. hers] have cooled down a bit (I hope)

Me:Why did you get angry that time when I asked whether I should send you a mail ?

Her:I don't remember. Forget it.

Me:Its probably because you and I attribute different levels of priority for work.

Her:(no reply yet.)

ANd now the frank in your face version.

Her:Why don't you listen to me ?

Me:Why should I

Her:I want you to do this needless work, so that I can get back at you for not doing
anything right.

Me:I don't wanna. yesterday-today what's the difference?

Her:Don't give me that condescending look!

Me:Ok can I send you a mail and avoid having to talk to you ?

Her:Fat Chance, I wouldn't miss this opportunity to watch you suffer !


A little later

Me:You a sadist or something ?

Her:[no reply, she is trying to avoid a confrontation]

Me:Its because you are a loser and your whole world revolves around coding,
whereas I have a life.

Her:what the hell are you babbling about ? I am gonna make life miserable for you now.

And...she does.

Most of you might think I have been too harsh on judging her. trust me I have not.


She is a monster.And no, this is not made up.


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Thank you
You are all too kind.

HelterSkelter said...

Thank you
You are all too kind.